Edmonton 3 on 3

At Spartan we are all about development and have continued to adjust the league to make it more competitive and more realistic.

Ask yourself this, in a real game of Hockey when does one player go end to end and score? If you answer correctly -not very often. Now for the 2nd question how many times are games won and lost within a small zone battle? If you answer correctly — almost every shift.

We at Spartan are evolving the 3 on 3 game to make it even more challenging and fast. The game is all about stops, starts, winning battles and team play. For 2020 our Novice and Atom divisions will play on Mondays beginning March 30th and finishing on May 25th with no games scheduled for May Long Weekend Monday. Our Pee Wee division will play on Wednesdays beginning April 1st and ending May 20th.

Early Bird Rate Until Midnight on Feb 24th:

Goalies Must Apply Before Registering - Send Name, Division Interested in and Current Level of Play and Team to infonorth@spartanhockey.ca


All prices include GST

Individual Player - $230
Team (9 Skaters) - $1855

After Feb 24th
Individual Player - $265
Team (9 Skaters) - $2100

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